Top COC TH10 Bases for Clash of Clans Players

In Clash of Clans, the Town Hall serves as the heart of your village, and its level determines the strength and capabilities of your defenses. Town Hall 10 (TH10) is a crucial stage in the game where players have access to advanced defensive structures and powerful troops. To help you protect your resources and trophies, we have curated a list of top TH10 bases that are proven to be effective in defending against attacks from other players. Whether you prioritize farming or trophy pushing, these bases will give you a competitive edge in Clash of Clans.

The Southern Teaser Base

The Southern Teaser Base is a popular choice for TH10 players who focus on protecting their resources. This base design lures attackers to the bottom of the village, where they encounter multiple layers of defensive structures. The centralized Town Hall acts as a bait, drawing enemy troops away from resource storages and key defensive buildings. With well-placed traps and carefully positioned defenses, this base can frustrate opponents and discourage them from launching a full-scale attack.

The Ring Base

The Ring Base is a classic design that has stood the test of time in Clash of Clans. It features a circular arrangement of defensive structures surrounding the Town Hall, forming a protective ring. This base design forces attackers to penetrate through multiple layers of defenses, giving your defenses more time to eliminate enemy troops. The centralized Clan Castle and Heroes within the core offer an additional layer of protection. The Ring Base is effective for both farming and trophy pushing, providing a strong defense against a variety of attacking strategies.

The Anti-2 Star Base

As the name suggests, the Anti-2 Star Base is specifically designed to prevent opponents from achieving a high percentage of destruction, limiting them to a one-star victory. This base layout strategically separates defensive buildings, forcing attackers to invest considerable time and resources in breaking through each compartment. The goal is to make it difficult for opponents to reach the core of the base, where the Town Hall is located. By defending against two-star attacks, this base design helps protect your trophies and maintain a higher rank in the Clash of Clans leaderboard.

The Island Base

The Island Base is a unique layout that places the Town Hall on a separate island, surrounded by a moat or a body of water. This base design capitalizes on the limited access points, making it challenging for ground troops to reach the core. Defenses are placed strategically around the island, creating overlapping fields of fire that can devastate enemy troops. However, it’s important to ensure that the defenses on the island are well-upgraded to withstand attacks, as a successful breach can lead to a high percentage of destruction.


As a TH10 player in Clash of Clans, your base design plays a crucial role in defending against attacks from other players. The bases mentioned above offer effective strategies for protecting your resources, trophies, and Town Hall. Experiment with different layouts, adapt them to your playstyle, and consider the strengths and weaknesses of your own defenses. Remember to regularly upgrade your structures, walls, and traps to stay ahead in the game. With a well-designed TH10 base, you can deter attackers and secure your progress in Clash of Clans.

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